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Who We Are

Kemerst Construction Group is a world class construction company found in 2013 by vibrant engineers and has its headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe. This company is a wholly Zimbabwean company established to provide excellence in construction business through various markets and services.
We focus on result orientation, goodwill, professionalism and integrity. Our strong emphasis is in our clients being the masters of the company and its employees being the key to our success and foundation of quality service. Kemerst Construction Group is determined to become the best in construction business throughout the whole world.


We are specialists in commercial construction work. We build schools, banks, hotels, lodges, hospitals, clinics, malls, office parks and many more commercial buildings.

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As Kemerst Construction Group we are professionals in construction of mansions, flats, cluster homes, core houses and durawalls. Trust our team for the best service which you require.

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Extreme loads are a major factor in road and railway construction, the demand for virtually limitless mobility requires a high-performance road system. However our road and railway construction sector always thrive to meet tight deadlines for opening to traffic while staying within strict budgets.

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